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Julie has been studying the different traditions and styles of yoga for over 23 years and remains forever a student of yoga. She leads daily classes, educational well-being workshops, teacher trainings, and international retreats. 

She an intuitive and devoted teacher possessing both passion and enthusiasm for living life fully and for teaching others to listen to the whisper of their soul. Her intention is to inspire and empower others to live life with purposeful intent leading to a more meaningful life filled with clarity, freedom, and joy. 

Through her teachings, she teaches others to tune inward and tap into their innate and powerful flow of energy. She utilizes various yoga practices and disciplines in order to enlighten others to tap into their heart center, unmasking, releasing old patterns of behavior in order to change, grow, heal, transform, and evolve. She wishes to share her knowledge of yoga, breath work, and meditation along with her life experiences. She is truly grateful for the opportunity to share her gifts and talents. 

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